Stress makes cancer stronger

Cancer is known to thrive on many of our bad habits; smoking, eating junk food, and so on. But new research shows that one of our most common complaints could be a contributing factor in the development and severity of cancer.

Stress is perhaps the most common cause of headaches, but it may also lead to cancer too.

A study published in Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics found that adrenaline induced drug resistance in colon cancer cells. The study  raises valid concerns over the treatment of cancer patients. While the physical treatment is of great importance, the emotional state of patients is now seen to play a much bigger role than generally thought possible by conventional medicine. We’ve all heard someone tell a cancer patient to stay positive, but perhaps what we should be saying is, “How can I help make this less stressful for you?”

Natural ways of reducing stress, like aromatherapy, can be very beneficial to cancer patients, and everyone else too. Stress isn’t just a headache, it’s a killer too.


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