The Ultimate Cure for the “Cancer Industrial Complex”

People with pre-existing conditions brag right and left that they are SO grateful to have medical coverage they couldn’t get before, but what does that coverage entitle them to get–unnecessary surgery, toxic statin drugs that lower immunity, chemotherapy that causes other cancers, doctors who encourage diabetes by refusing to talk about food and lifestyle changes necessary, and hospital “care” chock full of superbugs and viruses that are immune to antibiotics and allopathic chemical, synthetic medicine. So, the investment of the Obamacare bragger is some kind of deductible, and copays, and usually some diagnostics or x-rays that are NOT covered, and this is the short term investment in their own health demise, and the big “payoff” in the long term is an early, miserable death. In other words, people are investing time, health, money and resources into a socialist health care scheme that’s ripping them off and sell them on a pipe dream, that some doctor can help them with their ailments, diseases and disorder of cells without changes on single iota of what they eat, drink, put on their skin and inject into their muscle tissue, blindly, faithfully trusting the US government, Big Food, Big Pharma and the Biotech industry of thugs with their lives, life-savings, children and livelihood. That’s why healthcare premiums have MASSIVELY INCREASED under Obamacare.

Suzanne Somers has the following to say about the Obamacare Ponzi Scheme:

“The U.S. will have a healthcare system like Canada’s and that is bad news for the quality of care; premiums will skyrocket; Medicare funds will be used to pay for Obamacare efforts; our privacy will be “invaded.” As well, she mentions that Canadians doctors would rather practice in the U.S. (or choose to be veterinarians) so they can make more money”


Dr. Marc Siegel, at FOX News:

“A new survey by the Commonwealth Fund reveals that over a third of Americans say they don’t have access to health care because of cost or insurance red tape. The idea that the Affordable Care Act will somehow make this situation better is the biggest ObamaCare lie of all. For a doctor like me, it looks like a Ponzi scheme, where healthy young people pay exorbitant premiums to help cover older patients with chronic illnesses, and many don’t get the actual health care they need. The biggest ObamaCare lie is NOT that you can keep your doctor or your insurance plan, it is that more health insurance automatically means more health care.”

Maybe they should have named Obamacare and the “Affordable Care Act” the Bernie Madoff Healthcare Scheme! -Since the US government “made off” with everyone’s money and health.

Obamacare is a Ponzi scheme and will NOT be helping smokers quit smoking!

So why don’t oncologists talk about RAW foods, which are full of nutrients, oxygen for the cells (the cure for cancer) and the RAW REGIMEN when people are on their “death beds” or “sent home to die” with pancreatic cancer, liver cancer or cancer of some other organ that you have to have to survive? When cancer spreads to the lymph nodes or the spinal column, why don’t doctors, surgeons and oncologists tell their patients about these RAW foods that give them the best chance at recovery? And I mean permanent remission and recovery. Are these “Western Medicine” practitioners evil, money-grabbing cons or are they just ignorant, miseducated and unknowing? How could that be? How could you be trained to do surgery or read lab results and not know ONE THING about nutrition? Do some of them know but are not saying because their income would drop to about 25% of what they make now, using dangerous chemicals to treat a chemical-driven disease?

No oncologist in the world suggests medicinal mushrooms, and take a big guess why! ( The answer to every one of the questions above is to just listen to the people who DO KNOW about RAW foods and can tell wonderful stories of their own recovery from deadly cancer and why they chose nutrition over chemo, surgery and radiation. Learn from honest souls who share their most personal journeys, through and past the “cons” of the cancer-industrial complex. Consider the fact that even scientists have found a natural cure for cancer, and people TESTIFY in court that it works, even for children with “terminal” cancer: (

Natural News has a few other heart-warming stories about real people who survived “lethal” cancer and lived to share their stories with the world: Jay Kordich, known as the “father of vegetable juicing,” says raw foods are responsible for overcoming his own bladder cancer. One of his followers, John Kohler, has been on a raw food diet since 1995, primarily enjoying juices. Not only did he survive his spinal meningitis, but he also lost weight and is living life more healthfully than ever. (

Don’t Eat Cancer

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Put it this way: if you were getting sick from moldy bread, would you look for a cure from a vaccine, or medicine, or consider surgery, while you kept on eating more moldy bread every day? It’s not that hard to filter chemicals from your daily intake. Check out Fooducate – the free phone app that scans the barcodes of foods and drinks, tells you if it’s GMO and rates it for quality! ( Check out great RAW FOOD regimens Learn more:


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