WiFi, 5G and EMF pollution can cause PSYCHIATRIC effects in humans, plus spontaneous abortions, infertility and cellular DNA damage

Are you aware of just how much electromagnetic pollution is impacting your body on a daily basis?

The problem isn’t just wireless internet, by the way: it’s also fifth-generation mobile telecommunication technology, also known as 5G, as well as every other source of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) that exists all around us.

A review published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Research draws attention to the many threats of WiFi in terms of human health – and they’re pretty serious.

In addition to spurring the death of healthy cells and damaging human DNA, WiFi signals can lead to psychiatric damage in those who are persistently exposed to them – think depression, difficulty thinking clearly, mood swings, and other behavioral abnormalities.

Neuropsychiatric damage is a common adverse effect of wireless exposure, and it could explain why many people in the modern age suffer from chemical imbalances in the brain that negatively impact their ability to function consistently.

One of the studies included in this review suggests that WiFi exposure during pregnancy could cause impaired neurodevelopment in unborn babies. WiFi is also associated with increased cholinesterase and changes in GABA and cholinergic transmission, decreased special learning, and a “greatly lowered” ability to “distinguish familiar from novel objects.”

Spontaneous abortion is another common effect of wireless exposure that stems from chromosomal mutations. Besides lowering fertility in both males and females, wireless signals cause oxidative stress that, in pregnant woman, can cause them not to have healthy deliveries.


This includes fifth-generation wireless technology, or 5G, which we’ve shown is a highly damaging form of microwave radiation that just might be the most damaging form of wireless radiation yet.

For more related news about the 5G rollout, be sure to check out 5Galert.com.

Is all of this wireless pollution spurring on cancer?

Recognizing the incredible amount of cellular and DNA damage that can arise from perpetual wireless exposure, it only makes sense that cancer is a common outcome after many years of exposure.

Dr. Martin Pall presents four pieces of evidence that EMFs, acting via what’s known as voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) activity, can cause cancer. These include:

• By attacking the DNA of cells
• By disrupting the tight junctions of cell membranes
• By inflammatory carcinogenesis
• By triggering mutations through excess activity of T-type VGCCs

Multiple WiFi studies referenced in the review suggest that exposure to microwave EMFs actively reduces testosterone levels inside the body, leading to decreased testicular size. EMFs also damage testicular epithelial structure, as well as induce gross testicular histological changes.

Further, EMFs can decrease spermatogenesis, revealing at least one way that EMFs impair healthy pregnancy and reproductive function.

Similar changes can occur in women, as EMF exposure tends to increase nitric oxide (NO) levels in the body, which in turn inhibits cytochrome P450s. P450s, in case you’re unaware, are involved in steroid hormone synthesis, and their inhibition can lead to decreased levels of not just testosterone, but also estrogen and progesterone.

One surefire way to help mitigate this is to consume more antioxidant-rich foods, including those that are high in vitamin C. Anything that can help to remedy the oxidative and DNA damage caused by EMFs will contribute to protecting your body against brain, reproductive, and other associated health damage.

“Telecommunications industry-linked individuals and groups have claimed that there are no and cannot possibly be any health impacts of Wi-Fi,” the review explains.

“However with Wi-Fi exposures becoming more and more common and with many of our exposures being without our consent, there is much concern about possible Wi-Fi health effects.”

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