Alex Jones: People living close to 5G kill grids are going to DIE from cancer

People living near 5G towers are going to die from cancer, according to InfoWars founder Alex Jones.

“This is what’s going to happen if they execute the next phase of their plan. And they are going to start turning 5G on and people that live close to it are going to die in a matter of months from cancer. We actually have the studies going back to the other previous forms being used for communications,” said the host of “The Alex Jones Show” during a recent episode of his program.

“And what’s important to understand is all of these platforms are multi-use. You can modulate 5G and these other systems. And they’re good for communications and they still have major cancer-causing effects.”

Jones added that this is an “admitted fact” and there are major studies showing that 5G causes even more cancer than its previous generations. (Related: Health hazard: 5G exposure may cause cancer, infertility and developmental defects.)

Chicoms are now coming out with 6G and 7G

The InfoWars founder also disclosed that the Chinese communists or Chicoms are now coming out with 6G and 7G to run the robot cars, control the robots on record and track everything that people do. The radio talk show host added that these new technologies can be modulated differently.

Jones said 5G has a centralized pre-programmed system that allows it to cause higher rates of medical problems, such as deoxygenation in the lungs and burning of the skin.

Although people can’t see the waves coming off the 5G tower it doesn’t mean they are not there. The independent journalist and author pointed out that people are being hit incrementally from dozens of different angles with these soft kill weapons.


According to Jones, the life expectancy of people exposed to 5G is dropping along with their IQ and cognitive abilities. He also noted that neurological disorders, heart problems and cardiovascular problems are soaring.

“The body is electrochemical. All your nerves, all your cells are electrochemical. But the heart, particularly, and the brain are extremely electrochemical. The heart is like a big, powered battery full of nerves. And there is a study that these electromagnetic waves jack with your heart. And in studies with mice, they can change the oscillations that aren’t as good for communication, but that will fry you even faster,” Jones said.

He also said people need to understand that there is a purpose for the 5G kill grids, along with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that came out of the lab and the rollout of the deadly COVID-19 shots like the virus vector injections of J&J and AstraZeneca and the mRNA gene therapy of Pfizer and Moderna.

“They are then able to test it and gauge the public to see if you wake up and see if you get upset. See if they can normalize a 40-plus percent death rate in every Western country previous to any other year, not COVID-related. They are testing to see if you wake up, if you get organized. If you say no and if you don’t notice what’s happening to you in the stunned condition you’re in, then they up it even more. And they see us as a human scourge,” Jones said.

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Watch the video below to know more about the 5G kill grid spreading across the globe.

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