Filmmaker G. Edward Griffin exposes CANCER CONSPIRACY

American author and filmmaker G. Edward Griffin recently appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars program during which he admitted live on-air that the cancer industry is a farce.

Author of the book “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17,” Griffin talked about his roughly 60-year legacy of challenging the modern medical establishment, which he says has no interest in actually curing disease.

Griffin first heard about alternative cancer treatments from a doctor friend of his named John Richardson Sr. who was successfully treating patients outside the box, at least until the medical establishment threatened to take away his license if he refused to stop.

“He didn’t stop doing it because he was saving lives, and they took away his license,” Griffin told Jones about the doctor.

“So that’s when I got into the topic as [Richardson] asked me to help him write an article for a newspaper or a magazine so he could explain to the world that what he was doing was really based in science, it was very effective.”

As Griffin went down the rabbit hole, he discovered that cancer is “not anything like what we have been told it is.”

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Cancer caused by nutrient deficiencies, not “bugs” or viruses

According to Griffin, there are many factors contributing to cancer – factors that society is told are “good” for them, including so-called “medicine” from the Big Pharma.

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“The aggravation of highly toxic so-called vaccines, pseudo-vaccines, has caused a breakdown in the body ‘s immune system,” Griffin explained during the segment. “People are more vulnerable to cancer than they ever were.”

Concerning what cancer actually is, Griffin debunked the prevailing myth that cancer is caused by something.

“Most people think cancer is caused by something, and the idea that we’re still looking for germs or viruses or something like that so they can treat it with vaccines,” he explained.

“All of the chronic diseases, meaning they’re in your body and they’re not going away, none of those are caused by bugs or viruses or anything like that. They’re caused by deficiencies of something.”

In other words, cancer is caused by a lack of something your body needs, whether it be vitamins, minerals or even basic nutrition. This means that cancer is primarily a deficiency disease.

According to Griffin, the primary deficiency driving cancer is something called amygdalin, also known as laetrile or vitamin B-17, a natural chemical found in 1,400 edible plants – “but the problem is that most of those plants we do not eat because they are bitter to the taste,” Griffin says.

Since most people in the West prefer foods that are sweet and highly refined, they consume very little amygdalin. This is why cancer is prevalent throughout the West, but very uncommon in primitive cultures where people consume bitter herbs, plants and roots.

The reason why the medical establishment never reveals any of this publicly is because it would be highly unprofitable for them to do so.

“They’ve spent billions of dollars supposedly looking for a cure for cancer, but they are not really looking for a cure for cancer,” Griffin says. “What they’re looking for is something that appears to be a cure for cancer, which is very, very profitable to administer.”

“Even though it is unpopular and sounds crazy to most people, but the modern Western medicine formula, or the idea of treating diseases, is not to cure them because if you cure a disease, you’ve lost your customer.”

Be sure to watch the full interview above to learn more about cancer and how to fight it naturally. You can also learn more at

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